PAIN by Naomi evans

The belt, it’s hard cold lash of the buckle end has me this time.

i had felt it tear open the some of the skin of the back of my spine.

how it all hurt so badly, i could taste blood as my teeth bit harder into my cheeks as i ran into the bathroom and hid away from my mom.

locking the door quickly i turn out the light and curl up in a ball, then begin to let out all the tears. i wanted to scream for help as her fists started to pound and break down on the door.

i wanted badly to end all of my pain.

i remember staying in my own bathroom hidden for days..
fear filled my heart ever since i grew up with child abuse.

i now live with post-traumatic disorder, depression, and bulimia.

i wish life was normal for me.. this, is only one of the many, many memories that haunts me. i lay awake in my bed until i cry myself to sleep.



  1. i am truly sorry for what you went through. i have read so many stories like yours, and coming out in the open and to tell the story of your abuser is a first step to recovery. i am here for you should yo need someone to talk-
    you can email me personally,

    i have first hand experience with violence and abuse- my step-father was the same way.

      1. Indeed it is cruel, but its up to us to make that difference now & for the future. Keep your head up you’re a strong woman & you have everyone’s support.

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