Akihito Ochi “Haru – Spring”
Music Composed & Performed by Akihito Ochi

Profile: Akihito Ochi
Born in March 1977. Diagnosed with Down syndrome when 3 years old. Graduated from Terejia Kindergarten in Aioi City, Hyogo Prefecture. For two years attended special class for handicapped children at Aioi Municipal Chuo Elementary School. Moved to Aichi Prefecture following the death of his father, and for three years attended Aichi Prefectural Saori Special School. Began playing the piano at the age of 9 after being introduced to the instrument by his mother. Held his first concert at his childhood home of Aioi City when 10 years old, followed by musical performances in various places nation-wide. Appeared on NHK, CBC, TV Aichi and other stations. In 1994, one of Akihito’s own works was selected as the theme song for a sports tournament for disabled persons. In 1995 he was awarded with a TOYP prize from the Japan Junior Chamber and an honorable mention from the Minister of Health and Welfare. After graduating from Saori Special Senior High School, he continued activities as a pianist while also working at a private worksite (“Hot House” in Jushiyama-mura, Amabe-gun, Aichi-ken). At the age of 20, Akihito recorded an album called “Like The Sea”.

Message from director
I produced this music video for pianist Akihito Ochi (known affectionately as Aki-chan) along with my colleague Ryosei Suzuki. Aki-chan suffers from Down syndrome. His concerts are truly wonderful. The music he plays is wholehearted and pours out of his whole being, as if to say “I love music, I love the piano.” I requested permission to produce a music video as a volunteer, having been genuinely touched by the sight of Aki-chan facing the piano and having been moved by so many of his compositions. It has ended up taking two years, but at last the work on this debut is complete. We have put everything into this production in order to purely convey Aki-chan’s world. We would like as many people as possible to see this video – by all means, please watch it. Aki-chan has made us aware of things. Thank you, Aki-chan.

Seiichi Hishikawa, director of “Haru-Spring” music video


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