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” I’m going to eat you up~ Bye Bye~╮(╯3╰)╭ “



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Ummm, really?

OK, OK. I usually hate top ten lists, but this collection will make your day better, happier, uplifting even. So what’s wrong with a little sunshine in your coffee? Even if it comes in a top ten list.

Anyway here’s my top ten morning songs… set your radio, phone, whatever you use or need to get your day going. I tried to make the links commercial free because who needs advertising to start your day? It’s about the music, so I also chose sound quality over video

Insert smiley face here. Have a great day. Someone loves you.

10. Good Day Sunshine / The Beatles
Exactly…Good Day Sunshine. Thanks Sir Paul, such an upbeat song and that piano dancing along with your feet as they hit the ground. Yes, it’s hot, “Burns my feet as they touch the ground.” Must be baked by now, eh Paul? And don’t we all…

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Clinging to life in a tsunami zone

By Toru Hanai

Choufuku Ishisone of Miyako, Iwate prefecture, owns a convenience store.

On March 11, 2011, Ishisone was driving to see his store after checking on his house following the earthquake and saw a black tsunami wave roar over a seawall. He made a U-turn, but the tsunami struck him from multiple directions, sending his car afloat. The engine stopped. He jumped out of the car in a hurry but lost his footing in the tsunami and was swallowed up in the thick, black water.

He managed to avoid cars, ships and other debris carried by the tsunami but the water level continued to rise steadily. Grabbing onto a power line pole as he was swept past, he scrambled up so desperately that he was about five meters high before he knew it.

“I want to be saved! That one feeling kept me climbing,” he said. “Then I thought I had to get off the pole somehow, but the water didn’t go down, which was very irritating.”

It began to snow, chilling Ishisone, whose clothes were wet. As some three hours passed and it grew dark with no signs of rescue, Ishisone climbed down the pole and swam to a city office annex building. Finally he thought, “I’m safe.”

“The real lesson is that if there is an earthquake, you must head for high ground without hesitation,” he concluded.

source : Reuters Photographers Blog

Les chansons d’amour – Ma mémoire sale

Lave Ma mémoire sale dans ce fleuve de boue, Du bout de ta langue nettoie moi partout, Et ne laisse pas la moindre trace De tout Ce qui me lie et qui me lasse Hélas!
Chasse, Traque la en moi, ce n’est qu’en moi qu’elle vit, Et lorsque tu la tiendras au bout de ton fusil, N’écoute pas si elle t’implore, Tu sais Qu’elle doit mourir d’une deuxième mort Alors, Tue la… encore.
Pleure! Je l’ai fait avant toi et ça ne sert à rien, A quoi bon les sanglots inonder les coussins? J’ai essayé, j’ai essayé Mais j’ai Le coeur sec et les yeux gonflés Mais j’ai Le coeur sec et les yeux gonflés
Alors brûle! Brûle quand tu t’enlises dans mon grand lit de glace Mon lit comme une banquise qui fond quand tu m’enlaces Plus rien n’est triste Plus rien n’est grave Si j’ai… Ton corps comme un torrent de lave Ma mémoire sale dans son fleuve de boue Lave!
Lave! Ma mémoire sale dans ce fleuve de boue Lave!


My dirty memory

My dirty memory in this river of mud,
From the tip of your tongue clean me everywhere,
And don’t leave the smallest trace
Of all
That binds me and tires me

Track her down in me, it is only in me that she lives,
And when you have her at the point of your rifle,
Do not listen if she begs you,
You know
That she must die a second death
Kill her…again.

I did it before you and there’s no use,
What’s the point of flooding the cushions with sobs?
I’ve tried, I’ve tried
But my
Heart is dry and my eyes are swollen
But my
Heart is dry and my eyes are swollen

Then burn!
Burn like when you bog yourself in my big bed of ice
My bed as an ice-barrier which melts when you hold me
Nothing is sad anymore
Nothing is serious anymore
If I have…
Your body like a torrent of lava
My dirty memory in your river of mud

My dirty memory in this river of mud