Ummm, really?

OK, OK. I usually hate top ten lists, but this collection will make your day better, happier, uplifting even. So what’s wrong with a little sunshine in your coffee? Even if it comes in a top ten list.

Anyway here’s my top ten morning songs… set your radio, phone, whatever you use or need to get your day going. I tried to make the links commercial free because who needs advertising to start your day? It’s about the music, so I also chose sound quality over video

Insert smiley face here. Have a great day. Someone loves you.

10. Good Day Sunshine / The Beatles
Exactly…Good Day Sunshine. Thanks Sir Paul, such an upbeat song and that piano dancing along with your feet as they hit the ground. Yes, it’s hot, “Burns my feet as they touch the ground.” Must be baked by now, eh Paul? And don’t we all…

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