A place I need to visit on vacation

I wonder why Indonesia people wasting money for vacation out of the country, while in this country there is still a lot of vacation destination, follow my references :

The landscape of hills in West Manggarai, Pink Beach, Flores, NTT, Friday (10/6/2011). The beach is famous for its reddish colored sands became one of the favourite locations for tourists to enjoy the beauty of underwater

Tourists enjoy the charm of the lake Kelimutu in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara, Sunday (8/1/2012).Lake Kelimutu offers natural beauty, is still attraction of domestic and foreign tourists who visited the island of Flores.

Residents of Kampung Adat Bena, Ngada, Flores, NTT, playing traditional music in the framework of new home construction ceremony, Tuesday (17/6/2011). The village was about 1,200 year, full of ancient architecture and megalithic culture.

Tourists in Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali

Rice field and dense trees be a sight at one corner of the village Kumumu, district Jengkat Renah, Regency Merangin Jambi.

so,… awesome destination right???, and i must saving money to go there this year


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