This Film wants to render humanitarian stories in times of Nation WAR of Indonesia (1940-1949). The name Soegijo (played by Nirwan Dewanto) who was appointed as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in native Indonesia. For him one humanitarian, although of different Nations, origin, and differensial. and war is the story of the splitting of the big family of mankind. When Japan came to Indonesia (1942), Mariyem (Annisa Hertami) separate from Maryono (Abe), her sister. Ling Ling (Andrea Reva) is separated from her mother (Olga Lydia). it seems that separateness is not only experienced by those who colonized, but also by the colonizers. Nobuzuki (Suzuki), an army of Japan and Budhist adherents, he never have the heart of a child, because he also had a child in Japan. Robert (Wouter Zweers), a Netherlands Army who always feel so great war machine, eventually also touched his heart by innocent baby that he found on the battlefield. He misses home, he misses her mother. in the middle of the war was Hendrick (Wouter Braaf) discovered her love remains unable to because the war. Soegijo want to reunite the big family of humanity love stories which has been torn apart by a violent war.



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