Daftar Pertanyaan yang Aku Benci (sebagai wanita lajang)


di usiaku yang sudah 32 tahun ini ada hal -hal dan reaksi soial yang membuatku makin down dan memble .Berikut daftarnya… kira2 ada 20an :

1. “Apa kamu tidak tertarik dengan pernikahan ?”
2. “Ya, kamu hidup untuk pekerjaanmu. Saya mengerti.”
3. “Apa kamu tidak punya seseorang yang istimewa dalam hidup?”
4. “Tampaknya kamu tidak tertarik untuk menjalin kasih.”
5. “Kamu perlu lebih giat mencari pasangan.”
6. “Kalau kamu mengejar kesuksesan hidup, akan susah mendapat pria.”
7. “Kamu harus segera berkencan!”
8. “Oh Maaf kita bicara soal pernikahan, kamu pasti tidak paham.”
9. “Makanya, cepat punya anak sendiri.”
10. “Kamu terlalu banyak habiskan waktu sendirian.”
11. “Memangnya habiskan waktu sendirian menyenangkan ya?”
12. “Kenapa kamu belum punya pacar ?”
13. “Apa tidak ada pria yang kamu suka di kantor ?”
14. “Kenapa tidak minta dijodohkan saja dengan temanmu ?”
15. “Kamu hanya belum menemukan pria yang tepat.”
16. “Wow jadi kamu tidak masalah nonton dan jalan sendirian ?”
17. “Kapan kamu akan menikah?”
18. “Hati-hati, waktu berjalan sangat cepat.”
19. “Di luar sana banyak pria lajang loh.”
20. “Makanya jangan kerja terus.”

rasanya aku pengen teriaaaaaak…. aku juga gak mau seperti ini, tapi apa daya “AKU BELUM BERUNTUNG”.

Nilai kepercayaan diriku makin lama menurun ke level K. Semoga aku bisa segera keluar dari situasi hidup yang menyebalkan ini


Me as Gollum


Of all the characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy, Golum had roles that very humanly  characters it represents the human nature that greedy, grumpy, lonely, desperate to be loved and so on.
I always thought Gollum just became what he was because he was weak and gave into temptation, but these lines changed my opinion of him:
“No loyal friend
Was ever there for me”

I believe that that’s referring to Sam, who saved Frodo from the destructive powers of the rings a few times in the movies. Maybe if Gollum had had someone like Sam around to help him he wouldn’t have turned into the miserable creature he was..


life lessons

All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.
Napoleon HillT

When we set out to change something in our life, it may seem hard to succeed at first. This is because we are not properly using one of the most helpful tools there is: our imagination. When you unlock your imagination a series of events take place:

  • You think about what you want to achieve, then focus on it
  • It is fun because in your imagination you are already there
  • You don’t have any limits, so you can mentally go where you want
  • It is easy and deliberate
  • Nothing is impossible, you just let your mind create the life you want
  • You begin to believe that your goal is possible
  • The belief in achieving your goal makes it happenThe biggest obstacle in trying to unlock your imagination is allowing yourself to mentally believe you are already there, when in reality, you are not. This is where we put up walls and things get difficult. You won’t go anywhere if you can’t actually ‘see’ yourself at your goal.


Hand in Hand, Life without Limbs


Do you guys all watch this video??, I myself watch it a thousand times when I feel sad and depressed. Sometimes I never realized the tears fall, and other times I feel so blessed because God never leaved me alone. About a month ago I bought a book of Nick Vujinic calls Life without Limbs, one of the best books I have ever read. Yes … all will solve my problem if I accept and love myself first, realize that I am not perfect, nor forgive my own self sin because God has forgiven me. …I want to shine and change my life … … just hold my hand GOD


The Little Match Girl

If you’re feeling sad, don’t watch this movie. Only a strong heart and who able suppress  sorrow and tears to be watching it. Actually a story like this in the real world is already usual we meet, how human indifference towards his fellow man. The world is already filled with egotism, hypocrisy, and assume everything is fine. In the human heart will definitely want things as imaginable the orphan girl who sells matches, which want the warmth, comfort, respect, and ultimately lamented. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get one, there should be mightily to get it but even though it’s been attempted, life is still not in favour of her, even just to eat one slice of bread. At least moral values in this movie teaches human relationships which may’ve rarely found in entertainment for children today, as captalisme has already claimed the innocence of children in this world

PAIN by Naomi evans

The belt, it’s hard cold lash of the buckle end has me this time.

i had felt it tear open the some of the skin of the back of my spine.

how it all hurt so badly, i could taste blood as my teeth bit harder into my cheeks as i ran into the bathroom and hid away from my mom.

locking the door quickly i turn out the light and curl up in a ball, then begin to let out all the tears. i wanted to scream for help as her fists started to pound and break down on the door.

i wanted badly to end all of my pain.

i remember staying in my own bathroom hidden for days..
fear filled my heart ever since i grew up with child abuse.

i now live with post-traumatic disorder, depression, and bulimia.

i wish life was normal for me.. this, is only one of the many, many memories that haunts me. i lay awake in my bed until i cry myself to sleep.