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Sebuah foto yang mempunyai berjuta makna, dan begitu indahnya dunia ini bila seluruh umat manusia mau berbagi dengan sesama tanpa membedakan latar belakang dan penampilan fisik


“photographer lives from tragedy.”

Foto Terbaik Dunia, World Press Photo 2013 karya fotografer Paul Hansen dari Swedia meraih penghargaan foto terbaik di ajang World Press Photo ke-56. Hansen merekam warga membawa jenazah dua anak yang tewas karena serangan Israel di Kota Gaza.


This Film wants to render humanitarian stories in times of Nation WAR of Indonesia (1940-1949). The name Soegijo (played by Nirwan Dewanto) who was appointed as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in native Indonesia. For him one humanitarian, although of different Nations, origin, and differensial. and war is the story of the splitting of the big family of mankind. When Japan came to Indonesia (1942), Mariyem (Annisa Hertami) separate from Maryono (Abe), her sister. Ling Ling (Andrea Reva) is separated from her mother (Olga Lydia). it seems that separateness is not only experienced by those who colonized, but also by the colonizers. Nobuzuki (Suzuki), an army of Japan and Budhist adherents, he never have the heart of a child, because he also had a child in Japan. Robert (Wouter Zweers), a Netherlands Army who always feel so great war machine, eventually also touched his heart by innocent baby that he found on the battlefield. He misses home, he misses her mother. in the middle of the war was Hendrick (Wouter Braaf) discovered her love remains unable to because the war. Soegijo want to reunite the big family of humanity love stories which has been torn apart by a violent war.


Clinging to life in a tsunami zone

By Toru Hanai

Choufuku Ishisone of Miyako, Iwate prefecture, owns a convenience store.

On March 11, 2011, Ishisone was driving to see his store after checking on his house following the earthquake and saw a black tsunami wave roar over a seawall. He made a U-turn, but the tsunami struck him from multiple directions, sending his car afloat. The engine stopped. He jumped out of the car in a hurry but lost his footing in the tsunami and was swallowed up in the thick, black water.

He managed to avoid cars, ships and other debris carried by the tsunami but the water level continued to rise steadily. Grabbing onto a power line pole as he was swept past, he scrambled up so desperately that he was about five meters high before he knew it.

“I want to be saved! That one feeling kept me climbing,” he said. “Then I thought I had to get off the pole somehow, but the water didn’t go down, which was very irritating.”

It began to snow, chilling Ishisone, whose clothes were wet. As some three hours passed and it grew dark with no signs of rescue, Ishisone climbed down the pole and swam to a city office annex building. Finally he thought, “I’m safe.”

“The real lesson is that if there is an earthquake, you must head for high ground without hesitation,” he concluded.

source : Reuters Photographers Blog

North Korea photos today

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North Korea threatened “sacred war” against the South in a huge rally in the capital Sunday just days after the secretive state agreed with the United States to suspend its nuclear weapons tests and allow back international nuclear inspectors.

Pweeeuuhh,…what happen with this family country ???

Hand in Hand, Life without Limbs


Do you guys all watch this video??, I myself watch it a thousand times when I feel sad and depressed. Sometimes I never realized the tears fall, and other times I feel so blessed because God never leaved me alone. About a month ago I bought a book of Nick Vujinic calls Life without Limbs, one of the best books I have ever read. Yes … all will solve my problem if I accept and love myself first, realize that I am not perfect, nor forgive my own self sin because God has forgiven me. …I want to shine and change my life … … just hold my hand GOD


The Little Match Girl

If you’re feeling sad, don’t watch this movie. Only a strong heart and who able suppress  sorrow and tears to be watching it. Actually a story like this in the real world is already usual we meet, how human indifference towards his fellow man. The world is already filled with egotism, hypocrisy, and assume everything is fine. In the human heart will definitely want things as imaginable the orphan girl who sells matches, which want the warmth, comfort, respect, and ultimately lamented. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get one, there should be mightily to get it but even though it’s been attempted, life is still not in favour of her, even just to eat one slice of bread. At least moral values in this movie teaches human relationships which may’ve rarely found in entertainment for children today, as captalisme has already claimed the innocence of children in this world